Brand Ambassadors

Want to become one of Moist Gang's brand ambassadors? We currently have open slots but we are selective. We want to work with people who align with what we stand for and that is inclusion and mental health awareness.

Other requirements:
🌱 Must be 18+.
🌱 Your social media should be of lifestyle content: you, your fashion, your collection, your desk set ups, all of the above, etc.
🌱 Must be willing to post about our products (which we hope you will love).

We do want to preface that because we are still a very small business, we do not yet have a budget to pay our brand ambassadors. We are striving to do so in the future! The benefits for being a part of Moist Gang is getting featured on our official website and free products to love! Usually, shipments can be every 2-3 months - entirely depends on what we have in the works and sometimes, you will get your hands on unreleased products.

If you are interested, click to apply below!


Meet Our Ambassadors